As tested and featured in
Handloader magazine 02/2017,  Shooting Times 06/2017  and several other magazines and online publications!

Voted one of "5 Best New Reloading Tools & Components for 2017" by Shooting Times!
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More models for different presses are being added continuously!


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Tired of spent primers on the floor? Well, here is an opportunity to get the primer catcher that really works!

100% satisfaction guaranteed and 100% positive feedback from customers and several reloading related magazines!

Designed for RCBS Rock Chucker IV/Supreme, RC/RC2, Partner as well as the JR presses! 

(on the left a picture for the older RC/RC2 presses, on the right the one for the newer RC4/Supreme ones, there are more pictures in the store!)



  • Sturdy
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to remove
  • Large capacity
  • Option to drop primers directly into trash bin
  • Inexpensive
  • ... and much more beautiful than the original (if you ask us...)


  • it comes with a lifetime warranty: If it breaks during normal use and we still produce it, send us the broken one and we will replace it for free, no questions asked.


 Brand new: The enhanced primer catcher for the RCBS Partner press!!
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Learn more about the latest version with the integrated case ejector - our Primercatcher ICE

The design for the Pacific Deluxe / Bair presses is completed and it is also available in the online store!

Thanks a lot Adam for making this video and allowing me to show it here!
(Adam bought a primer catcher and wanted to share his experience with it)
And here an overview of our customer locations (plus Germany, Sweden and Australia!)

customer map

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