Due to production time and material requirements, I only make these on demand moving forward. Please reach out to me at info@primercatcher.com and we will arrange getting you one!

This is the latest model of our Primercatcher product line with the Integrated Case Ejector - the "ICE". It only fits the RCBS Rock Chucker IV and Supreme (has a RC IV casted on the left side of the press).

This the is the case ejector Kit version and comes with:

  • Primercatcher ICE
  • Ejector arm
  • Spring 
  • Collector tube
  • Tube plug
  • Ram slot fillers

In an attempt to keep up with the demand, I am only offering them in black right now. Different color options will be added later. 

I currently do not (yet) have an instruction sheet that comes with it, it is still in the works. Instead it will come with the sheet for the standard model, as the installation and removal works exactly the same way. To remove the ejector arm, simply turn the arm so it clears the catcher slot overhang and pull it up. To re-install it, first hook the spring in, then push the extension of the arm it into the hole.

Please keep in mind that all of our parts are not coming out of a plastic mold, but are printed with a 3D printer. 3D printers print the parts layer by layer and you will see these layers in the final product. It is also normal that there are rougher areas on the parts, especially where the printer had to print support structures (which will be removed before we ship them).

So, if you expect smoothness and finish of a molded product, I am sorry that I cannot deliver that.... if however, you are looking for a great primer catcher that works... grab one...!

Click here to download the instructions pdf.

If you order a Primercatcher model, there will be two front slot filler pieces included - there is no need to order them separately!


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Primercatcher model for Rock Chucker IV/Supreme - ICE model

  • Product Code: PC-ICE-001
  • Availability: Pre-Order
  • $ 46.75

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