This Primercatcher product fits the RCBS Rock Chucker (has a RC II casted on the side of the press) and RCBS Rock Chucker 2 (has a RC II casted on the left side of the press). The plastic part that can cover the primer assembly slot (when assembly is removed) is included and comes automatically with each order.

It replaces the factory primer tray and let's the spent primers drop into a tube attached in the front. This version is a bit larger than the factory one and has slightly higher walls so no primer can jump over it anymore. (at least during the testing with de-priming around 2000 cases with different primer sizes and types, not a single primer jumped the fence...). The one thing that could not be fixed is that sometimes primers stay on the press, but you can easily sweep them to the side in case you feel it is necessary - e.g. when priming at the same time.

With this Primercatcher model, it is NOT required / desired / wanted to reverse the ram or to modify the press in any other way to get a working primer catcher and yes, you can also use the priming function if you want to.

Yes, I know that there is/was somebody on ebay selling the catcher that would require reversing the ram, but that is not me and while their model seems to work, I prefer a fully functional press with the priming functionality and without the need for a cumbersome modification of the press.

The catcher comes in GREEN COLOR!

At the moment, they are only being printed in green as that is the color that is being requested most of the time anyhow. If you would like to get a different color, please reach out to us via e-mail at

Please keep in mind that all of our parts are not coming out of a plastic mold, but are printed with a 3D printer. 3D printers print the parts layer by layer and you will see these layers in the final product. It is also normal that there are rougher areas on the parts, especially where the printer had to print support structures (which will be removed before we ship them).

So, if you expect smoothness and finish of a molded product, I am sorry that I cannot deliver that.... if however, you are looking for a great primer catcher that works... grab one...!

Click here to download the instructions pdf.

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Primercatcher model for Rock Chucker / Rock Chucker 2 (the older model)

  • Product Code: PC-RC2-001
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  • $ 29.75

  • 2 or more $ 26.75

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