The latest news from us....

For the last few years, we were primarilly selling our primercatcher products in the U.S. and Canadian market - overseas sales to Europe simply did not make sense as shipping fees and taxes were more than doubling the cost of the products.

We now have this solved!! All of our products can be produced and shipped out of Europe (Germany actually),

so no more outrageous shipping fees and taxes.

We are currently in the process of setting up a store that will allow payments in Euro and shipping to any country in the European Union. If the EU store is not available yet, please reach out to us via e-mail (info at primercatcher dot com) and we will provide you a quote manually. The prices are the same in USD and EUR, shipping will depend on your location, it is typically between EUR 5 and EUR 10.

Winter season is over and (for me at least...) shooting and reloading season has started.... I was always looking for a case ejector / case kicker to accelerate the reloading on my RC IV/Supreme, but with the price they ask for it, I could not get myself to buy one. Solution to that - design a primer catcher that has the case ejector integrated.

Here it is - the newest Primercatcher product !!

The first really well working model of the Pimercatcher ICE (Integrated Case Ejector)

                                    pcice001             pcice002   pcice003


Here's a short video of it in action:


Production of this new model will start toward mid of March and can be ordered (or pre-ordered if out of stock - typical shipping time is 5-10 days after order receipt for out of stock cacthers) now!

Click here to view the latest addition directly in the store.