As you most likely know, the current primer catcher model only works for the RCBS Rock Chucker IV press, older presses (e.g. the ones that throw the spent primer out in the front) are not supported yet.

In 2017, we will have support for the older RCBS presses - the product development is in full swing and the first proto types are being tested. However, as with the current primer catcher model, we want to make sure that we can fully stand behind the product quality and therefore, some more fine tuning will be required before we release this model.

While we initially anticipated having a working model for the older RCBS II presses ready by now, we are still not happy with the functionality and usability of the press when the catcher is installed. If you are interested in a primer catcher for the older press, send us an e-mail (info AT and we will send you an e-mail with an update as soon as we have a product that we are satisfied with and that is ready for you.

For January 2017, we have added our new AR15 vise block to the product lineup. It can be used as a standard AR15 vise block that is being inserted into the mag well like a magazine, or if you need to work on the lower receiver in a different way, the vise block can also be inserted from the top (after the upper receiver has been removed) which gives you a little bit more flexibility when clamping it into the vise.

In Feburary 2017 then, we will add a few more products to the catalogue. Coming soon:

  • the AR15 10 round speed loader,
  • the AR10 speed loader (8 rounds only due to size limitations),
  • and a speedloader for HK91/G3/PTR91/Cetme style magazines (also 8 rounds),